Cost of Doing Business

The main costs of doing business that are charged by local authorities are in respect of commercial rates, water charges and planning contributions.



Commercial Rates

Rates are a commercial charge levied on the occupiers of commercial and industrial property and are charged on an annual basis. Local authorities collect rates based on property valuations. Property valuations are provided by the Valuation Office, a state agency. Valuations are based on four key criteria:

  • The potential rental value of the property
  • The size of the unit
  • The use of the space, i.e. retail/office/industrial/warehousing/pub, etc.
  • Comparisons with other typical units.

2019 ARV rates for Monaghan Local Authorities

€59.04 Monaghan County Council




Typical calculation example: If your property has been valued at €20.00 by the Valuation Office, the commercial rates for the year will be calculated as €20.00 x €59.04 = €1180.80 (Monaghan County Council)

Water Charges

The standard charges for water and wastewater across the county are:

Water consumption - €1.01 per cubic metre

Wastewater consumption - €1.10 per cubic metre

Consolidated charge - €2.11 per cubic metre

Details of specific water and waste water charges are detailed in Manager’s Order WS 01/12 which can be viewed at the following link >>

Fees for wastewater discharge are provided at the following link >>

Planning Permission Application Fees

In addition, planning permission application fees apply. Details of fees for commercial / industrial development can be viewed at:

(Planning and Development Regulations, 2001)