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Monaghan tech start-up, Avail Support, is revolutionising service and programme delivery for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities via its pioneering software, which acts like a remote digital assistant. Founder and CEO, Lisa Marie Clinton, swapped classroom for boardroom when she developed the mobile-based platform that works by providing digital prompts so individuals can live and work
independently. At the same time, providers can access quantifiable data and generate reports, which enable them to analyse progress. Since its launch in 2017, the company has grown from a Monaghan hot-desk to an international client base across Europe, US and Canada.

According to Clinton: “Monaghan has a great entrepreneurial spirit, from a close- knitted and connected community of start-ups with a “get it done” attitude to a willingness by local agencies to help.”

Blasta Street Kitchen

Sean McCleary and Nikita McCrory didn’t follow the usual graduate career trajectory. Instead, after a stint travelling, the duo was inspired to turn their passion for food and community into a thriving food truck business. Monaghan-based Blasta Street Kitchen has since gone on to win several national awards, as well as setting a World Record for the longest line of fresh tacos. Meanwhile, the Blasta branded ‘Taco Truck Kit’ range is taking retailers by storm and the company has nationwide rollout planned. Next up for the Monaghan business is STREAT-SCHOOL, a street food consultancy and sales company aiming for a slice of the €2billion Irish and UK street food industry.

“We moved from Melbourne back to Monaghan for a number of reasons. Monaghan is the perfect hub for business, especially in our line of work. We cater for weddings and corporate events around the country and Monaghan is quite a central base. There is also a great community of ‘MON-trepreneurs’ here. Not to mention the quality of the fresh local produce,” says McCleary

Brehon Brewhouse

Fluctuating milk prices led fourth generation dairy farmer, Seamus McMahon and his wife, Siobhan, to explore opportunities to maximise the potential of their prime farming land just outside the town of Carrickmacross, South Monaghan. Proximity to the UK border makes Monaghan the ideal location for an import/export business.

Seeing the global growth in demand for craft beer and realising the disused outbuildings on their farm would perfectly accommodate bulky micro-brewing equipment, Seamus had his lightbulb moment and Brehon Brewhouse was born. The company has gone on to win awards for its craft brews and is making inroads into international markets, including the notoriously competitive US. Brehon recently availed of LEADER funding [link to funding and support page] to grow their business through the purchase of a bottling plant and kegging line, allowing Brehon to achieve critical mass in terms of their production capacity. The couple meanwhile plan to further develop the brewery’s potential as a tourist attraction.

“Monaghan is a great place to do business,” says McMahon. “The ‘never say beaten spirit of our ladies and men’s Gaelic football teams epitomises the entrepreneurial spirit of its business heart,” he continues. “Whatever challenge is presented, ‘not a problem, it can be done!’ is the response you will hear up here.”

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