A young population

  • 61.7% under 45
  • 39.7% under 30
  • 23% under 15

Monaghan’s outstanding track record in the engineering sector and its highly educated workforce make it an excellent location to source highly skilled labour for the engineering sector.

County Monaghan is one of Ireland’s key food producing centres and is home to both national and international food companies. The food industry in the county is a key employer and 90% of all food produced in the county is exported to markets across the globe.

Monaghan people’s enterprising nature and can-do attitude is reflected in the fact that towns in the county have been commended in national enterprise awards.

LANGUAGES 22,268 persons could speak the Irish language and of these 8,599 spoke the language daily. 6,620 persons spoke a language other than Irish or English at home and of these 2,110 could not speak English well or at all. Lithuanian was the most common foreign language spoken at home with 2,196 speakers.

94.8 % of the usually resident population aged over 1 lived at the same address one year before the census. A further 3.0 per cent lived elsewhere in the same county, 1.1 per cent lived elsewhere in the State while 1.1 per cent lived outside the State twelve months before the census on April 10, 2011. Non- Irish nationals accounted for 11.5 per cent of the population of Monaghan compared with a national.

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